RPOA Board Meeting‚ April 18, 2005

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Deborah Aker, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Brad Fregger Absent: Chris Lagarde

1. Meeting brought to order at 7:45 P.M. at Mary’s. Minutes of the March 21, 2005 approved as amended.

2. Utility Box – Troy bid $500 to replace the utility box by the dome parking lot.

3. CGH Step Lighting – Mary will purchase lights and Nathan, the electrician will install a trial set up.

4. Pool Diner/Music – 5/21,7:30 – 10:00; Mexican Theme. Set up at 6:30 P.M.

5. RPOA Bank Account– The RPOA will be switching to Wells Fargo Bank for ease of access and better customer service. Brad will talk to the bank and set up the new accounts.

6. Change of General Membership Mtg. Date to 3rd Sat. in Oct. ‚Äì After reading the By-Laws, Betsy discovered that nowhere does it state that the GM has to be any particular date as long as proper notice is given. The Board decided to change the date to the 3rd Sat. in October (Oct.15, 2005) to avoid coinciding with Austin City Limits. Mary will put notices in everyone’s mailboxes.

7. Pool Report –

*Further info gathering will take place concerning changing over to the salt process of chlorination. Mary will ask Mr. Morgan from Pool Aide about his opinion. It would not happen until next pool season since we have already purchased a large quantity of chlorine.

* The Board authorized Mary to spend up to $200 for the purchase of Palm trees to replace the dead pine tree at the pool.

8.Rock Garden ‚Äì Elizabeth Carmen has asked for some large rocks to be moved from the Finley lot to the area just north of the parking lot across from Lorien’s. They would be sitting rocks. The Board will consider this pending a cost bid from the rock mover.

9. Radiance Web Site ‚Äì Brad has switched his old site to Bill’s site and it is up and running at radiancefdn.dev.cc. The user name to get to the community info list is radfolks. The password is (call Brad to keep it secure). Brad will post all Radiance events on this site and an excellent description, photo and line drawing map to Radiance is on the site. Thank you Brad for working on this site.

10. ICE Late Fees – Mary will send a certified letter to the ICE residents who are long overdue on their Road use fees. If they do not respond, our lawyer will be contacted.

11. Kew Property – The agreement between the RPOA and the Kews is about to run out (May 05) and the Board extended the agreement for 90 days to allow Roger & Judy to let us know their plans. They will be invited to the next Board meeting.

12. Septic Report – Roger has not yet started to do the work on the new lift station grinder pump. He needs help to do the work and has not found anyone to do that.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 P.M.

Next Board meeting. – Mon. May 23, 2005 – 7:30 at Rick’s.

Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary