RPOA Board Meeting‚ July 25, 2005

(no June meeting)

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Deborah Aker, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Chris Lagarde, and Brad Fregger Guests: Roger Kew & Troy Maynor

1. Meeting brought to order at 7:50 P.M. at Rick’s. Minutes of the May18, 2005 approved.

2. Agenda for General Membership Meeting 10/15/05 – The Board began developing an agenda for the upcoming GMM Meeting.

3. Bank change ‚Äì Brad will do the research on where we can get the best return on CD’s. He will also change our account from Prosperity to Wells Fargo for easier deposits.

4. Septic Report – Bill C. and Roger Kew repaired a damaged pipe in the lift station as well as installing the new grinders. It took over 14 hours of work.

5. Speed Bumps – Mary has contacted Jim Covington of Lone Star Paving and he has not come out to look at the job yet. Mary will call again and ask for a consultant to suggest the best way to put them in.

6. Friendship Alliance – Roger Kew suggested the Neil Carman replace him on the FA Board since he has great expertise in this area. He has agreed. The Board approved this appointment.

7. Kew Property – Roger requested a 1 year extension of our current agreement so that he can have the lot surveyed and a septic plan drawn up and approved. He plans to have an announcement at the Oct 06 GMM. The board will let him know next month of their decision on how to handle this matter.

8. Rainwater Collection – Roger presented the map that he and Troy marked showing placement of tanks on individual lots should community members desire that type of system. Roger will again call Kent Butler, the expert on community systems and have him come to Radiance and see what he would suggest for a community system. The information will be discussed at the GMM in October.

9. Tax Protest Letter – Mary wrote a letter of protest to the county regarding the tax rate for the lot donated to Radiance by Lia last fall. No response has been received.

10. Pool Report – John form Pool-Aide came and replaced the pool filter that was old and very clogged. Troy will install an above ground sprinkler system at the pool so Jeanine doesn’t have to spend so much time moving the sprinkler. The shower faucet has been found in the “on” position several times this season so we are trying to locate a valve to limit the time the shower faucet stays on. Jeanine has requested that pool parties with over 30 guests be required to order a porta-potty to handle toilet problems. Mary will contact Eli to see if this was ever a problem in previous years before we institute this rule.

11. Memorial Bench – Mary suggested that we place a memorial bench underneath the “5 Founders Tree” across form the pool in memory of Robert Shaw. She will get approval from Lia since it may be on her property.

12. Royal Garden Home step lighting – The bulb has again gone out. Troy will check it and if it goes out again, Rick will contact Nathan the electrician.

13. Hayride – November 12 was set as the date for the Hayride. Mary will contact the Wizard Academy for permission to use their fire ring.

Meeting adjourned 9:40 P.M.

Next Board meeting ‚Äì Tues. Aug 30, 2005 – 7:00 at Rick’s. 2006 Budget meeting w/ Cliff

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary