RPOA Board Meeting‚ August 30, 2005

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Brad Fregger

Absent: Chris Lagarde & Deborah Aker

Guest: Cliff Finley

1. Meeting brought to order at 7:08 P.M. at Rick’s. Minutes of the June 25, 2005 approved as amended.

2. Bank Change ‚ Brad is still working on switching our bank to Wells Fargo and setting up CD’s for our surplus funds.

3. Speed Bumps ‚ Jim Covington will be out after summer municipal road contracts are done to install our bumps.

4. Tax Protest ‚The County contacted us the day before Chris Lagarde was to appear to plead our case and told us they agreed that we should pay the reduced amount for lot 22.

5. Pool Report ‚ Troy repaired the damaged shed wall and installed the Logan Hirsh sign on the entry gate. Jeanine’s workload has gotten less since replacing the filters. She has also adjusted the amount if DE she is using. She has not yet received the bid from the pool resurface company. The shower faucet has not been replaced as we are having difficulty locating the proper valve.

6. Hayride Nov. 12 ‚ Daniel from Wizard Academy took Mary & Roger Kew to the spot where they are going to build a special concrete fire ring with curved rock benches, level crushed granite surface, and underground electric & water part way down the hill below the Dulcinea parking lot. They may not have it all finished by Nov. 12, but will have it usable. He said that Wizard Academy is eager to build a friendship with Radiance. It should be a wonderful place to have our hayride!

7. Rainwater Collection ‚ UT professor Kent Butler came out to Radiance and spent some time with a group of residents going over a map and discussing how we could add a community system. His preliminary feeling was that it probably wouldn’t be economically feasible since we don‚’t do much landscape watering. Any community water collection system could only be used for this purpose since most of our roofs are asphalt shingled and therefore couldn‚Äôt serve household use. He will have his students do a feasibility study and they should have that done around December. All that he asked is that we pay for gas to come out and someone from Radiance (Bill C volunteered) come to UT and speak with them.

8. Lia Creek Work proposal ‚= Mary contacted Lia and she will get in touch with an engineer to see how much it might cost. Mary also asked her about the Founders tree bench and she said that is on our newly acquired property and thought a memorial bench would be lovely.

9. 2006 Budget  The Board with the expert assistance of Cliff Finley developed the 2006 budget. Dues must increase to $65/month. Our accountant will be contacted to rectify our septic and roads accounts which appear to be incorrect.

10. Kew Lot  The Board discussed the further extension of the Kew lot purchase agreement.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 P.M.

Next Board meeting  Mon. Sept.26, 2005 – 7:30 at Mary’s.

Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary