Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting‚ February 20, 2006

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Deborah Aker, Troy Maynor, and Chris Lagarde
Meeting brought to order at 7:45 P.M. at Rick’s. Minutes of the January 16, 2006 were approved as amended
Joint POA’s electric bill ‚Äì Mary calculated and sent the electric bills to GW and GWW.

3. 2006 ICE road use fees – Mary sent these out to landowners after Cliff figured out the Cost of Living increase. There are now 2 lots with pads.

4. Speed Bumps – There have been some complaints that the speed bumps are too high and cars must go over them too slowly. No changes will be made at this time.

5. Pool Resurfacing – Troy & Chris visited the home of a family that has a 3-year-old pool resurfacing using Pebble Sheen. They were satisfied with the product. The resurfacing will cost $12,600. It is guaranteed for 10 years but Centex feels it may never have to be resurfaced again. A lap lane will be added using tiles on the pool bottom.

6. New Redbuds – Scott, Betsy, Troy and Mary went to San Marcos and chose 8 new Texoma Redbuds to replace the nearly dead ones along the sidewalk to Royal Garden Homes. Troy will remove the old ones and new holes will be dug.

7. Dome Upkeep – Bill Christensen, who along with Jim Bagnola are the remaining Radiance Foundation Board members, visited with the Board about plans for Dome repair, upkeep, and use. He said that the roof will be power-washed and re-surfaced soon. He hopes to have a meeting of interested meditators within the month and try to get more Board members. Possible uses for the dome could be rental to an educational group/smaller flying area/community center/rental. If no one is interested in putting in time to serve the Radiance Foundation, he suggested that the property owned by RF might be sold. Rick explained that the Board wants to stay in the loop – the RPOA has a vested interest besides our attachment to the Dome, we have been contributing $185/mo for many years for Super-Radiance upkeep.

Meeting adjourned 9:15 P.M.

Next Board meeting ‚Äì Mon. March 20, 2006 – 7:30 at Mary’s. Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary