Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting ‚ April 17, 2006

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Betsy Kirkpatrick, Deborah Aker, Troy Maynor Absent: Chris Lagarde
Meeting brought to order at 7:45 P.M. at Rick’s. Minutes of the March 20, 2006 were approved as amended.
Dome Meeting ‚ Deborah, Mary, and Troy reported on the meeting. Many ideas were presented. There will be another meeting in the future to plan more. No firm decisions were made.
Worms ‚ the worms were not as bad as 2 years ago. Mary will order and place trichograma minutum eggs in the areas hardest hit to hopefully fend off the worms next year.
Pool Resurfacing ‚ Centex should be starting in the next week or two. The pool will be drained into the creek and re-filled hopefully when the standpipe is drained for inspection.
Pool Letter ‚ Chris created a flyer for distribution to everyone in GW and GWW. The Board made a few changes and Chris will have it printed and mailed out.

Pool Use Rules ‚ The Board voted to accept these guidelines for pool use:*Limit on # of parties in a week – One large (over 15) and one small (under 15)

*Weekday afternoon gatherings OK (like Jennifer’s afternoon ones last year)

*Deposit for parties with over 20 guests – $50 refundable after pool cleaned by Jeanine and # of hours clean-up time is calculated

*Clean up fee/port-a- potty fee for parties of more than

10 guests – $10

20 guests – $20

30+ guests – $75 potty + $30

potlucks exempt for # since most folks use home bathroom

*Party duration 3 hours maximum

*Parties for the week posted at pool, mail station, and in plexi-glass sign on Concord Circle near pool entrance
Fire Plan ‚ The Board will ask Joe Felkel from the Northern Hays Co. Fire Dept to come and walk Radiance to give us ideas on how we can best set up a first alert program in case of a fire.
CGH Lighting ‚As previously decided, Troy will install a trial set up of 3 low voltage lights at CGH.

8. Workfare Days ‚ Two workdays have been held: 3/19 and 3/26. There was a good turn out on 3/26 and all the redbuds were planted as well as the new palm at the pool.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 P.M.

Next Board meeting ‚ Mon. May 15, 2006 – 7:30 at Rick’s.

Respectfully Submitted, Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary