Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting – December 4, 2006

Present: Rick Levinson, Saismatie Bagnola, Mary Buchanan, Chris
Lagarde, Deborah Aker and Troy Maynor
1. Meeting called to order at 7:45 P.M at Rick’s. Minutes of the
September 18, 2006 meeting approved as amended.
2. Crystal Garden Home Sidewalk Lighting – The Board discussed how
best to illuminate the sidewalks around the Crystal Garden Homes. It
was decided to try spot lights mounted on homes and directed to the
step areas. The electrician will set up a trial system on one
sidewalk and see how the residents like it. Rick is overseeing this
3. Kew Agreement – The Board again discussed the Kew agreement and
will look at the past agreements before signing the new one in
4. Hay Ride/Bonfire/Chili Cook-Off – Mary will contact Pat & Daniel
at Wizard Academy to see what Sat. night in Jan or early Feb. might
work for them. She will then organize the event.
5. Pool Lawn Compost augmenting – Jeanine has requested to have
compost spread on the pool lawn to help revitalize it. The Board
approved spending $200 on this project. A community work day will be
sent up in January for this purpose and to do other community
projects. Members who have not fulfilled their hours for 2006 will
be able to work that day to get caught up.
6. Work Day – See above.
7. Utility Box fencing – The Board again discussed what to do about
the aging utility boxes. The PEC doesn’t require boxes and in fact
doesn’t want an enclosure that keeps them from getting to the
electric boxes. Troy pointed out that some of the concrete
foundations that support the utility boxes are eroded and need to be
backfilled. Many of the boxes have lots of undergrowth that needs to
be cleared. The Board will look at the boxes and decide which ones
could be removed and not replaced and which ones need to be rebuilt
for aesthetic reasons and/or need backfill.
8. Fire – The recent fire that started at Rimrock was discussed. A
person from the Forest Service can come and look at Radiance and give
suggestions on how we can protect ourselves. It was acknowledged that
we were very lucky that the fire didn’t blow towards Radiance. Chris
will set up a time for the person to come.
9. Community Insurance – Mary is looking into a different company to
handle insurance for our roads and pool. Goldenwood West uses a
company that sounds more reasonable than our current one.
10. 1826 “sliver of land” easement – The document to allow Reunion
Ranch to run its water line across Radiance property at the entry is
ready to be signed.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 PM.
Next Board meeting – Mon. January 15, 2007 – 7:30 at Mary’s
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary