Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting – February 19, 2007

Present: Rick Levinson, Saismatie Bagnola, Mary Buchanan, Chris
Lagarde, Deborah Aker and Troy Maynor Guest: Roger Kew

1. Meeting called to order at 7:48 P.M at Rick’s. Minutes of the
January 15, 2007 meeting approved as amended.
2. Pool deck resurfacing – Jeanine will remove the old sealant with
sandpaper and power washing. She will then apply the TWP sealant.
3. Step Lighting CGH – Troy has the wiring installed and is about to
put in the fixtures.
4. Chipper Day 2/24 – Finleys and Lia Austin will help defray the
cost since some of the branches are on their land.
5. Hay Ride – It was a great success. Next year we might want to be
sure there are prizes for all of the chili chefs, suggest
participants bring flashlights, and also bring lawn chairs if it is
very cold like this year. A talent show was suggested.
6. Friendship Alliance Dues – The Board voted to lower Radiance’s
contribution to $250 for 07 since the group isn’t as active as in the
past and our POA is much smaller than any of the others contributing.
7. Kew Land Purchase Agreement – Roger Kew came to go over the
extension to the agreement to purchase the land adjacent to the
septic fields. He indicated that he intends to move ahead by
surveying the land in the next 6 months.
8. Generator purchase – The Board is researching the purchase of a
generator for use in case of power failure. It would keep the well
pump and septic lift station working. Cliff will research this
purchase and make recommendations to the Board. 9. Financial Report –
The Board reviewed the year-end 2006 and Nov & Dec 2006 reports.
They were accepted.
10. 5 Founders Tree trimming – The Board approved paying Troy for
some of the time he spent climbing high in the 5 Founders tree to get
out most of the dead branches. The arborist would have been paid a
lot. Troy will be paid $150 and Roger Kew $30.
11. Bench under 5 Founders Tree – It has been suggested that a bench
of some sort be installed under the tree. The stone masons who are
working at Goldsteins will give us a bid for a curved bench. The
Board will circulate a survey to se if the membership feels that this
would be a good use of POA dues or if it should be funded with
private donations.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:35 PM.
Next Board meeting – Mon. March 19, 2007 – 7:30 at Sais’
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary