Radiance Property Owner’s Association Board Meeting – August 13, 2008

Present: Rick Levinson, Mary Buchanan, Deborah Aker, Troy Maynor
Absent: Chris Lagarde and Saismatie Bagnola

1. Meeting called to order at 7:40 P.M at Mary’s. Minutes of the May and July 2 meetings were read and approved as amended. (No June meeting)
2. Pool Report –
*Lap Pool – A pool member from Goldenwood has said that they would be willing to put $ towards a lap pool in the future
*electrical trenching to gate -Electricity needs to be reconnected to the pool gate in order for a gate security light to be installed
*metal gate for $10 – Troy purchased a gate at the junk yard for $10.
*Chlorine use with concern of disease – Jeanine has had to increase pool chlorine content some in light of recent statewide disease concerns. Apparently the causes of pool water born bacteria are swimmers with diarrhea and babies in diapers
*handrail $48 – Bill C. installed a handrail on the steps.
3. RPOA Tractor & Trailer sold to Paul Frels – After going on Craig’s List and determine market value, the POA sold the old trailer and tractor to Paul Frels for $600.
4. Utility Boxes – The Board decided to have Troy re -build the utility box by Moss’ using solid “Hardi-Plank” with the cedar texture. He will use metal corner posts and leave the side by the electrical box removable in case PEC needs access.
5. Financials for April & May were reviewed and accepted. Mary will call our accountant and ask what the “Workfare Escrow” is for.
6. Septic/Roads – Tractor mowing as needed has only been 1 -2 hours each month.
7. Dome Rectification – Scott Lary presented the Radiance Foundation’s plan to add a “vastu wall” (perhaps posts with chain from post to post about 100′ around the dome). This would be partially on RPOA land. They will let us know where the wall will be located before going ahead. It must stay off septic fields.
8. RPOA CD’s – Before allowing the CD’s coming due this fall are continued, we will look into switching to Wachovia Bank which advertises much higher interest rates.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M.
Next Board meeting – Wed. September 17, 2008 – 7:30 P.M. (Invite Cliff for 2009 Budget and Lia to discuss creek dams)
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Buchanan RPOA Secretary