POSTPONED – Djembabes (was Nov 15 – Save the date!)

The bad news:  The Djembabes concert originally scheduled for November 15th in the Radiance Dome has been postponed.

The good news:  When Sherry from the Djembabes came out and saw the Dome in person, she realized that it would be the perfect place to record a live show for their next CD!

Unfortunately, their favorite sound man isn’t available for the November date.  So we have moved it back to a date in early April (tentatively two weeks after SXSW) to give us lots of time to prepare and promote.

As a result it’ll probably be a better show overall.  Sorry you have to wait!



Save the date!  We’ve just scheduled our next concert:  The Djembabes!

This is a group we’ve been trying to get for about a year and a half, and we’re finally on their calendar for Saturday, November 15th!  Get ready to dance to their powerful polyrythms in the Dome!

For a preview, go to (be patient, the sound file appears to load before the images so it takes a while).

There are six more song samples at their store at

Map to Radiance:

We’ll post more info, ticket presales, etc,  as it’s available.

Founders Tree gets watered

More attention for the Founder’s tree

Though 2014 hasn’t been as tough on Central Texas drought or temperature wise as the last few years, we’ve now hit the dry, hot spell… predictions are for temps over 100 for the next week at least, and no appreciable rain in sight.  So to keep the trees happy Bill C trucked ~1000 gallons to them (3+ tanks) all of which disappeared nearly as quickly as it came out of the hose.



Between the drought, temperatures, and the fierce windstorm that came through Radiance a few weeks ago snapping many limbs off (you can still see some damage in the pictures), our trees need some TLC.