Dome Lobby/Restroom Remodeling Project


Entry Steps
Entry steps, new tile (almost done)

The remaining sheetrock, trim, and painting work as well as the reinstallation of the toilet stalls is in progress as of Sept 1.

Original post

We’ve been wanting to replace the flooring in the lobby for a while – ever since we had a flood which was the final straw in the demise of the original 30+ year old carpet.

We also have been wanting to make the Dome more accessible for the handicapped.

We have been saving up and with a wedding on the horizon and enough in the bank to pull it off, the project started early in 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown has been the icing on the cake.

To date, we have:

  • removed the coat closets adjacent to the restrooms (rarely if ever used for coats)
  • ex-coat closet walls will eventually be small picture galleries from the early days of Radiance
Closet removed.
  • installed exhaust fans in both restrooms
  • expanded the first stall to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines
  • temporarily removed the restroom stall walls and toilets/urinal
  • re-routed plumbing to accommodate the above changes

  • removed the existing restroom tile
  • purchased new tile
  • installed new tile
1000 square ft of tile, ready to install

Old tile vs new tile:

Side projects:

  • Pressure wash the roof and stucco around the entry. Flat roof, stucco, small dome and about 1/5 of the main dome are complete as of this writing.
  • re-coat the black tar flat roof over the lobby with a highly reflective white elastomeric paint/fabric system (the same type of material which coats the Dome roof), which will simultaneously waterproof and keep the lobby cooler. (95% complete)
  • remove the office divider walls previously used to create privacy for the meditation areas and replace with wheeled coat rack frames, on which fabric curtains will be hung. (in progress)

Still to do:

  • complete the sheetrock work
  • install the tile
  • re-install the plumbing
  • re-install the restroom stalls
  • remove remaining wallpaper
  • paint all lobby walls, trim, and doors
  • complete roof repairs
  • lots and lots of cleanup

Stretch goals:

  • install new cabinetry
  • install baby changing station in the handicapped stall
  • fix problems with the fake stucco around the entry
  • replace windows in the ladies restroom
  • super stretch goal: build a permanent ramp for disabled access, entering through a doorway that replaces the window just outside the ladies’ restroom.

Funds are running a bit short, as some of the required tasks (such as re-routing plumbing) were unexpected. Your donations are always appreciated.

You can give to a qualified charity in 2020 and get a deduction even if you are claiming the standard deduction. For single taxpayers the amount is $300 and for married it is $600, so keep your receipts. It’s something at least! This is a provision in the CARES Act that hasn’t received much attention.

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