Radiance Architecture and Building Committee (ABC)

ABC Request/Approval Form (MS Word document)

Purpose of the Architecture and Building Committee (ABC)

To oversee and coordinate the architectural and landscape design decision-making for the homeowners of the Radiance community

The ABC uses the Radiance Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) (PDF) to make decisions about homeowner requests to change or enhance their properties. However, the ABC is NOT the entity that ENFORCES the Covenants. That is the role of the elected board members of the RPOA.

While the Radiance Restrictive Covenants (CCR) provides the framework for  the ABC’s purpose and scope, the ABC also develops its own procedures and guidelines, to better communicate with homeowners and to create reasonable expectations for homeowners and committee members alike.

Committee members are volunteers, appointed by the board of the Radiance Property Owner’s Association. All members are homeowners/lot owners in the Radiance Community.

ABC has published guidelines for homeowners, which are meant to act as a complement to the Radiance Restrictive Covenants.

Read the guidelines here.

How to apply for RABC approval.

What happens if there is a violation?