ABC Guidelines

ABC Guidelines: In Addition to the Radiance Restrictive Covenants

These guidelines are delineated by the ABC and may be revised at any time by the members of the ABC or the RPOA Board. Variances to these guidelines and to the Restrictive Covenants may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

All changes and property improvements must apply for approval from the ABC, even if the improvements are in keeping with these guidelines.

Roofing materials: tile, metal, asphalt, slate, copper, etc. No shiny metal.  Garden homes must devise guidelines for shared roofing.

Paint: Earthen colors that do not draw attention away from natural landscape Example: no houses painted with magenta trim or lime-green garage doors.

Garbage disposals:  prohibited due to the undue load on septic systems.

Clotheslines: not allowed if visible by other neighbors or from the street.

AC window-units: not allowed if visible by other neighbors or from the street.

Trash containers:  Trash cans will be stored either out of sight or minimally visible from street, either on the side of house, in a garage, or behind a privacy fence.

Building style: Texas contemporary and southwestern styles of the Spanish tradition encouraged. Victorian gingerbread, tudor, A-frames, domes, flat roofed homes discouraged.  Houses should blend with Texas Hill Country and not contrast harshly with other houses or the landscape.

Fences: height and size of fence determined along the following parameters:

Decorative fences (under 4 feet) and gardening fences (6 feet plus) are acceptable and contingent upon design, proximity of other fences, proximity to walking paths, street, etc.

Privacy fences are generally limited to backyards and smaller areas:

  • Detached dwellings: no larger than the privacy area at 4 Concord (Buchanan) in  2001. ( square feet)
  • Garden homes: not to exceed the privacy area at 13 Concord(Levinson) in 2001. ( square feet)

Driveways: Unpaved driveways accepted for up to 2 years after construction. Then permanent surface required. Crushed granite or gravel with defined perimeter or curb may be acceptable for parking extensions to driveway, if constructed adequately.

Trapping: No trapping allowed except for live traps used for re-location.

Firearms/Fireworks: The Covenant’s restrictions on firearms includes BB guns. Fireworks on July 4th and New Year’s Eve only, with direct adult supervision and weather conditions permitting (i.e. no burn ban).

Gardenhomes: Design changes must be collectively agreed upon by a simple majority of the Gardenhome owners in that area. This would include paint color, roofing material, room additions, etc.